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Southwest Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme

Programme Aims

The South West Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme aims to provide a standard, repeatable and cost-effective method of monitoring the coastal environment in the South West.
A collaboration between the maritime Local Authorities, the Environment Agency and the Coastal Groups of the South West, the Programme provides a freely available dataset of consistently high quality across the region.
Initially established in 2006 the Programme is 100% Defra grant aided. Now in its second phase of funding, running from 2011 to 2016, the expectation is that the Programme will continue long term, as part of the National Network of Coastal Monitoring Programmes.
The Programme covers over 1000km of open coastline between Portland Bill in Dorset and Beachley Point in Gloucestershire, terminating at the Welsh border in order to join seamlessly with the Wales Coastal Monitoring Programme.
Large quantities of data are made freely available from the survey and analysis programme; this has proved useful to Local Authorities within the region, the Environment Agency, consultants in coastal defence, conservation management, academic research and for educational purposes.
A specialist team has been established at the Plymouth Coastal Observatory (PCO), to manage the Programme and develop the data analysis, storage and dissemination procedures. Most of the data collected by the Programme is made freely available, although some data sets provided by third parties may have restricted availability, for copyright reasons.
Data is available via the map viewer and data catalogue section of the website.
PCO is based at Plymouth University, facilitating strong links with research communities in the South West and provide opportunities for value added research programmes.


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