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Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes

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Note that these are real-time data and are not quality-controlled. Long-range graphs are plotted from a randomised subsample of half-hourly data.

Swanage Pier


Additional Information

 Wave radar location  50° 36.562' N  001° 56.954' W
 Met station location  50° 36.562' N  001° 56.954' W
 Storm threshold  1.2 m


Wave and tide data are measured using a Rosemount WaveRadar Rex, located on Swanage Pier, by kind permission of the Pier owners. The Rex was installed on 7 March 2007.

21/03/2020 Due to an electrical fault at the pier, the instrument is malfunctioning. Due to government advice in light of the outbreak of COVID-19, bringin the instrument back online may take longer than usual. 
14/04/2019 The instrument is currently offline due to an unknown fault. This is being investigated, and will be back online ASAP.
18/03/2019 Power to the instrument has been restored.
26/06/2018 Works on the pier have adversly affected all the data parameters. We are working on bringing the site back online as soon as possible. 
28/07/2016 There appears to be a fault with the anemometer on the pier which will be visited as soon as possible to rectify.
Due to a flood on site no data are currently being recorded
08/05/2015 The 3.5 hour data gap today was due to power being shut off for safety reasons at the shore station following a burst pipe
01/05/2014 The 5 hour data gap today was due to continuing power works in the Swanage area
16/04/2014 The 5 hour data gap today was due to major power works going on in the Swanage area
13/03/2014 Maintenance works on the pier this morning have caused a gap in the data record of about 2 hours
15/01/2014 Due to a leak near the equipment the power was tripped at 8am yesterday and was restored by 8am today
20/03/2013 Pier has sustained considerable damage due to rough seas. WaveRex cable appears to be holding part of the pier in place.
05/12/2012 Transmission re-established
01/12/2012 WaveRex has stopped sending data. Will be serviced at next available opportunity.
06/01/2012 Scheduled service

New data processing algorhithms have been applied; quality controlled wave data are now available. 

30/07/2010 Scheduled service
19/11/2009 Scheduled service
27/10/2008 Data not being forwarded to website, router replaced
18/07/2008 The wind vane was found to be snarled by fishing line, it is now working properly
12/05/2008 Met data not being recieved at website, net sensors' cable unplugged.
20/04/2008 Not sending data, no remote access. Repaired but still an intermittent fault.






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